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Pinterest is an extremely visual social media platform, and shopping happens almost exclusively with your eyes after all. Here’s an example of a rich pin from the OOAK Online Shop:

The lifetime of a pin is also considerably longer. With Facebook or Instagram, posts can often become lost or be buried in the feed. Pins can resurface and be pinned again weeks, months or even years later!

If you would like to know how to pin one of your own products, simply use your browser to view the product that you wish to pin on the main OOAK Online Shop website. For this example, I will use the following product: Black Cat Sleeping Mask

You will notice that just below the main product image and image thumbnails, there are social options:

Click on the red Pin it icon, and you should see a screen pop up that asks you to choose a pin to save. In this example I will choose the main front facing image of the product.

Once you click on the pin you want, a new pop up should ask you which board you would like to pin your product to.

And voila! You can repeat these steps for any products you would like to pin from your OOAK Online Shop.


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