Embedding links into your product descriptions

Another great way to keep your customers browsing through your work is to embed links for your other products directly into your product descriptions. To do this, follow these simple steps:

  1. Login to your OOAK Online Shop artisan dashboard: www.oneofakindonlineshop.com/artisan.php
  2. Click on your “Products” drop down menu and then click on “Products” within that menu:
  3. Click on one of your hyperlinked product names and you will then arrive on the “Editing product” page:
  4. In a separate browser window or browser tab, find your OOAK Online Shop product link/URL that you would like to embed and copy it.

    For this example I will embed ¾ Tonic Maison’s Cola product listing (www.oneofakindonlineshop.com/flavours/cocktail-soda-mixers/3-4oz.-cola-maison.html) into their Ginger Ale product listing.

  5. Now, back in your dashboard, you can embed your link by placing your cursor in the product description where you would like the link to appear. Then click on the small infinity icon above the full description box and click on “Insert link” from the drop down menu:

  6. A small pop-up box will appear where you can paste your product link/URL and the text that you would like to appear instead of the full link/URL text:

    Tip: We recommend leaving the “Open link in new tab” unchecked as it creates a more fluid experience for the customer, rather than having the linked product populate a brand new browser tab.

    Then click on the “Insert” button.

    Here is a screen shot of my example where I first typed out “If you love our Ginger Ale, you should also try our” and then I placed the embedded link just after that with the text shown above “Cola”:

  7. Then you can click on the blue "Save" button at the top of the page.
  8. In a separate browser window or browser tab, take a look at your product listing where you just embedded your link and test it to see if it looks and behaves the way you want it to.



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