Arranging products on your shop page

You can set the order in which products are presented on your shop page.

From your dashboard select Products from the menu bar.

On the Products page you should now see a column entitled "Position". Number values entered here determine the order in which products will display on your shop page.

1) Products display according to those number values in ascending order - with zero as the start.

2) Enter values beside each product row in the order you would like them displayed. Clicking on the "Position" header will sort your products according to these number values so you can preview the order they will displayed in.

3) Click "Save" to record your display order. Visit your shop page to confirm your products are displaying in the order you wanted.



  • Increment the number values by 5 or 10 in order to leave space to insert products later without renumbering your entire product list.
  • Duplicate positions numbers will be displayed in the order they were created.


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