Create "secret" products for loyal customers

As a way of rewarding returning customers, you may want to offer special products exclusively to them that the general public doesn't have access to. Here's how:

  • When creating the exclusive product in the Products section of the site, change the product's status to "Hidden" rather than "Active". Hidden products are not visible to the general public in regular searches or product category selections. So how do your customers get to see them?

  • While creating the product click on the "Preview" button. This will open a new browser window and show you a preview of the product's page. While it is still visibe, copy the URL address of the page. This will be the "secret" location for this product that you can share with your customers via email or direct social media messaging.

You can always make the products available to all customers at a later date by changing the product's status to "Active". Or you can remove it altogether by changing its status to "Disable".

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