Tracking Inventory with Options

NOTE: If you are creating a new product, you MUST click on the create button before you can add options, if you are modifying an existing product the options tab will already be visible.


Step 1: Create Options

In the Options tab click on Add options. In this example we will add a size option.

In the New Option window under the tab give your Option a name. Here we will call it Size.

Give it a Position according to how it will be listed with the other options for this product (using number values, lowest is first to highest, last).

Add the details making sure the Required button is checked if this item cannot be sold without an option being selected.

Step 2: Adding Variants to our Options

Now under the Variants tab we will add our different sizesusing the Add or the Clone button to add new variants.

The Modifier fields are used if the variants require an additional charge (Perhaps a larger item requires more material and therefore we will add $2 to the price of the item)

Make SURE you click the Create button at the bottom to save all changes for these options and variants.

In our example we will create another option called Colour. Follow the steps we used for Size and add Variants for the Colour option (blue, green, red).

We now have two options listed on our Options tab in our Editing Product page.


Step 3: Turning on Inventory Control

On the General tab near the bottom choose Track with options. 

NOTE: this selection is NOT available until you create options under the option tab. If you do not see this choice then you have not yet created any options.



Step 4: Creating Option combinations

Under the Options tab again click on the  button and then on the drop down list with the gear icon and select Rebuild combinations

This will automatically create combinations of all the options you have created for your product (small + blue, medium + blue, large + blue, etc.)

Now you can:

  • Add a unique SKU number to track each different option combination
  • Delete an option that you are not prepared to sell (click the checkbox and under the gear icon choose delete)
  • Add a photograph of the item showing the option in question
  • Change the position the option combination will appear in the list of all the combinations

IMPORTANT: If you at anytime want to add additional Options and wish to enter extra option combinations you can do so manually using the plus (+) button next to the Inventory title - or under the gear icon you can select rebuild combinations to regenerate all combinations again.

While rebuild combinations will not erase any additions (SKU numbers or pictures) you have added earlier, it will add combinations you have previously deleted. Please check the list thoroughly to ensure you don't have combinations you aren't prepared to offer.

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