Using Product Options

Options are good way to give your customers extra control over what they order.

Some artisans may make products that come in a variety of versions. Clothing might come in different sizes (S, M, L, XL), or shoes in different colours (red, blue, green) or food in different flavours (maple, mint, chocolate, etc).

In order simplify your customers ordering process, you can make these options available right at the product level. There are two types of options:

Global Product Options are options that you'll use for more than one products.

  • For example: sizes like S, M, L, XL, etc which could apply to a variety of different garments.

Individual Product Options
are options that will have specific variations that only apply to one product, but that the customer needs to make in order to complete their order.

  • For example: you might need your customer to choose the colour or material that your product will be made in. You can attach photos to these options so your customer can preview the differences before they decide.


Find out how to create Global Product Options.

Find out how to create Individual Product Options.

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