5. Taxes…what about them?

Chances are if you're a working artisan you already have a position on collecting taxes. Selling online adds a new wrinkle though – now your customers can come from anywhere in Canada!

Revenue Canada and our provincial governments generally want businesses to collect and remit taxes for the province or territory of the customer you sell to. In some cases ("Small Supplier") there are exemptions to collecting GST/HST for those selling less than 30K annually.

Here are some articles on the topic:

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Ultimately it's  your choice. If you choose to the shopping cart will automatically calculate the appropriate taxes based on the address of your customer and it will be reflected in the transaction records in your shop. 

The primary impact this has on your for this Quick Start Guide is that if you decide to collect taxes you'll need to check off the appropriate checkboxes for the taxes of the provinces or territories you intend to sell on your products pages.


To make your products taxable:

1) Go to the Products > Products section in your dashboard.

2) Click on the first product name in the table.

3) In the resulting product page scroll to the bottom of the General tab, to the Taxes section.

4) Check all provinces and territories you want to collect taxes for (10 provinces, 2 territories), or click "Check all" to automatically check all boxes.

5) Repeat steps 1-4 for all products you want to collect taxes for.


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