Welcome to the One of a Kind Online Shop!

This message is a repeat of the email that new artisans are emailed upon acceptance.

We understand that navigating a new system and expanding your business online can be a little bit daunting, so we wanted to help alleviate some of that stress with a list of tips. 

Let’s get you started…

First things first: Log into your Online Shop account

Click on the login URL you received in the welcome email and enter your email and password. The password is only temporary, and the Shop should now ask you to create a new, unique password (use one you can remember!). Enter it, and click "Save".

You're in! Now take a look around...
Now is the time to just get familiar with your dashboard, look at the different menus, buttons, etc. Look in your company profile area. Maybe try uploading an image or adding some text. The point here is to play around without intention or purpose and just familiarize yourself with how the dashboard of your Shop looks and where things are.

So how do I get set up?
In the top blue bar of your dashboard we’ve created a link to the Quick Start Guide. Follow it step-by-step to familiarize yourself with all the essentials of setting up your shop.

You’re going to have questions – and we’ve got answers!
If you've already looked through the Quick Start Guide and you have more questions, or if you're having trouble logging in, you can create a support request for answers to your specific questions. (There's also a link for this in your dashboard under the "Support" menu.)

All transactions on the Online Shop are processed through PayPal
Setting up an account with PayPal is one of the first things you should do. It takes a little time and without it you won’t be able to process customer orders.

Take some time to think about your Online Shop's policies
Company Policies tell your customers what to expect from you. It gives them a sense of your customer service and ensures that you stay consistent and have actions in place for all situations. Consider your shipping details, a refund and exchange policy, a custom order process, etc. Doing this upfront will save you the trouble of figuring it out as issues arise.

Don’t hold back with your Online Shop profile
Show customers your passion for handmade and your artisanal processes. Your unique story is part of what you are selling, so don’t downplay it. Upload images of you working, videos of your process, and explain why you love what you do.

Photography sells your product
Beyond your descriptions and product names, images of your products are primarily what customers will evaluate. If you aren’t confident with your photo taking skills, do some online research or ask someone for help. The photos should be a mix of product shots, close up details and the product in a real life setting. Really "paint the picture" of what the customer is buying to avoid surprises when their shipment arrives.

Consider your packaging
Equally as important as shipping logistics, you must consider how you are going to package your products to ensure they arrive safely. Additionally, how special do you want the unwrapping process be for your customer? By integrating little personal touches and thoughtful notes, you could be retaining a repeat customer.

Let your customers know about your new Online Shop
Your Online Shop profile has a personalized URL that is easily displayed on all social media sites.  Make sure your followers know that they can find your handmade products all year long at One of a Kind Online! 

We hope this list has helped you to get started – and don’t worry, we won’t abandon you. More tips and information will be on their way shortly!

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