3. Select Your Shipping Method(s)

It's a must have
When a customer orders an item from you an appropriate shipping cost needs to be calculated based on where they live. Without one (or more) shipping method(s) your customers will not be able to order products.

There are currently two approaches you can take to shipping for the One of a Kind Online Shop.

  • Flat rates
  • Realtime calculations

You can set-up one or a combination of these and give your customers the option to select the service they want. As an artisan you may already have a shipping routine, so it may make sense to use the service you are already comfortable with to begin with.

Ready to add shipping? Create Shipping Method(s)


Flat rates

In speaking with artisans who already have online stores, we find that many of them prefer to apply flat rates for shipping. They already have a sense of the cost of shipping their goods with the carrier of their choice, and generally apply a fixed amount for shipping when invoicing their customers, without knowing a precise cost.

In combination with a general flat rate, you can add rules to your shipping, that will scale up the cost of shipping depending on factors like quantity, value or dimensional volume of the products. 

For example: You can set-up a rule for a base shipping cost of $20, for up to four products, and then automatically add an additional $20 to the shipping charge if the customer ordered 5 or more products, etc.

Click Step 4: Set Up Flat Rate Shipping to find out more.


Realtime calculations

With Canada Post and couriers (FedEx and UPS) you can enable automatic shipping cost calculations that reflect the current rates of the carrier, destination and your product. By adding the specification of your products, combined with the location of your customer, the store will calculate an accurate shipping cost (and potentially assist in setting up courier pickups).

However…there are some hoops to jump through to get it set up.

For example: to set up a Canada Post account that can be used with One of a Kind Online is many steps including an initial telephone sign up, online sign up and forms to fill out. You'll need to provide business information and click on a whole lot of boxes you'll need to add complete weight specification for any goods you want to ship this way in order to get a reasonably accurate postage calculation.

If you're interested in pursuing one of these methods, we outline the process for each service in our realtime shipping method articles:

You can also ask us specific questions via a support request.

Once you have added shipping to your shop, proceed to Step 5: Taxes…what about them

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