1. Create Your Profile

Show customers your passion for handmade and your artisanal processes. Your unique story is part of what you are selling, so don’t downplay it. Upload images of you working, videos of your process, and explain why you love what you do. Here's how:


Starting from your Dashboard, click on the Company Profile menu. Your Company Profile page will open.

Inside are three sections that can be navigated by clicking on the tabs labelled: "General", "Description", "Logos".

Let's start by clicking on  General


Editing Company Profile: General

Your primary information and Paypal account info are stored on this page - you can add or edit any of the fields. You won't be able to leave any of the fields marked with a red asterisk (*) empty though.

Remember to click  if you edit or add new information. 


Editing Company Profile: Description

These fields contain some of the content that customers to your store can view, including:

Artisan name: Primary artisan's name

Partner name: The Primary artisan's partner in the business (if you have one)

About yourself: A brief bio for yourself as an artisan and/or company.

Why we are one of a kind: A statement that speaks to your philosophy as an artisan.

Primary Materials: A list of the primary materials you use in the creation of your products.

Shipping Policy: A statement of your shipping and return policy.  Your company policy should include the following:

          • What locations you ship to
          • Delivery time
          • What carrier you ship with
          • Can you provide express shipping
          • Do you offer exchanges or refunds

Remember to click if you edit or add new information here.


Editing Company Profile: Logos

In this section you can manage all the images associated with your company's profile and branding.

For each of the sections below click "Local" to upload from your computer, or "URL" to link to a version of the photo already on the web.

Logo for customer area: Displayed in the store during the checkout process. 

Profile banner image: A decorative banner used at the top of your artisan's profile. This image needs to be created at least 712 pixels wide. If the image you upload is smaller than this it will be resized and potentially look distorted. If you do not have or want a banner your company name will instead be displayed as text.

Artisan headshot: A photo of the artisan or - if you have a partner(s) - a group photo. Square cropped photos look best.

Logo for invoices: A second version of your logo for display on printed invoicing and document generated by the store - ideally it should be high contrast or black and white so it prints well on a laser printer.

Remember to click  if you edit or add new information here.


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